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Xiuhcoatl Danna

(fanfic) Her armor is the vento head of Tiamat but she mostly uses thunder attacks. As a daugther of Gea, her mission when she born as a human, was to keep the earth safe, but she is the youngest of her sisters… Any data about her human parents is missing, even her real father has […]


(fanfic) The daughter of Gea… She is The Titaness of the fire that wears the armor of Smaug, the main head of Tiamat.

Ofion Raan

(Fanfic) Rän, is the body recipient of Eurynome; one the three daugthers of Gea. Her armor, Ofion; is the Aqua head of Tiamat and has the sword of Damocles. Her protection is Ouroboros, the representation of The fallen Titan Oceanus, a dragon that was capable to get a human form, whose is her real father. […]


The true power of the daugther of Gea and Oceanus, Eurynome. Over the aqua element.

Kingu God of The Beasts

(fanfic) A fallen Titan. Kingu  was killed long ago by the ally of Zeus,  Ra. He was the most powerful of the titans, then is unclear how he was defeated, one rumor suggest that he was not Kingu but Gilgamesh, his son.   Then he was not powerful enough, but this is unusual, because Titans didn’t […]


Tiamat merged her three dauthers armors, turning those into an unique weapon and protection of light, to confront the Darkness

Smaug Aadya

(Fanfic) Aadya, daugther of Gea. She born as a human to be the bearer of the Tiamat’s Ignis head and  dismiss gods with the forbbiden Z…ar blade. Her real father is Apophis, it makes her the sister of Seth. There’s not info about her human parents, except her father gifted to her the forbidden saber. […]