Ofion Raan by Draconis

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    (Fanfic) Rän, is the body recipient of Eurynome; one the three daugthers of Gea. Her armor, Ofion; is the Aqua head of Tiamat and has the sword of Damocles.
    Her protection is Ouroboros, the representation of The fallen Titan Oceanus, a dragon that was capable to get a human form, whose is her real father. While there's nothing relevant about her human parents.

    Only one titan survivor knew the secret of how to make free Gea's ultimate weapon of justice. The daugthers of Gea started to born in human bodies few years later.  Rän remained human till her 18 years old but she was unable on free her armor herself. 

    Just like her sisters, Rän was destined to be the last defense of the earth, thus she was gifted by her mother armor that was sealed by the Olympus Gods. 
    As a guardian of the earth, She confronted the goddess Aphrodite, punishing her for the actions during the Olympus battles.

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