Nova Floris Lysk (DB x SSeiya fanfic crossover)

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    "Many worlds may have their own constellations and even life forms turned into gods due powerful weapons... but she has lost her spear somewhere"

    "Lysk's ki has been supressed here by an unknown force, When transforming she awoke her cosmos instead, and later has designed new parts for her armor"

    "She is fascinated with the many species around the world that exist before the mass extinction (that she knew) happened, nothing to worry about any mutants here"

    An original fanfic character designed for Dragon Ball (XenoVerse/2) and She inspired the creation of the character who ended being Ofion Rän , then the conplex concept of Tiamat, being a three armors fusion.
    (fanfic) Her name is Lysk Knyer Lahavrix, she born in a future human colony, the planet Irxave, that's in the Kardia system; inside the habitable zone of the Milky Way.  Her lore is the backstory for such games...  What's important is what the sort of butterfly effect the character caused here.
    From both sides: A DB Lore along her new dramatic history and enemies, and as my sci-fi book universe context.
    Here comes a crossover. Her armor is an 'interdimensional suit' , meaning in that way the crossover and space terms for the armor. 

    Lysk is the name of a partially vegetable flower (following Db names logic) , originated from the reversal tecnics to obtain the extint roses samples from the mutated plant, but the constelation is Nova Floris instead of a rose. 
    Depending of the timezone, navegation and the calendar but since the planet was an Earthlike it doesn't vary too much (28h/14moths/four moons)

    But don't expect any 14 "Extraterrestrial Knights under new constellations" trying to conquer the Earth. This planet, in Lysk's lore has been devasted by war and many more actual things; as many species has been lost; thus the experiments to resurrect those, mostly have caused mutations, and a specific mutant has set the future inevitable end of the humanity (Also the end of saiyans ,and any life form)

    Then how Lysk still alive? Well, She found the origin of the disaster but even like that nothing can be done in a long term.

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