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    My design of the armor of the Legendary King.

    (Fanfic) King of the vast fallen Kingdom of Camelot. He created an order of 12 knights.
    After a rebellion by Sir Lancelot, caused after Arthur enraged by his nephew Mordred, sentenced his Queen Guinevere to died burned; over treason charges. 
    Almost all of his round table knights killed each other. Soon he was dethroned and lossed Excalibur and his arm against his cousin Mordred, who used the sword of Morgana. With only two Knights left, Lucan and Bedivere. 
    The Grand Pope tryed to put an end between Artur and Lancelot war, but he failed.
    Years later he finally murdered Mordred but he died as well. 
    Bedivere was the last knight alive before an agonizing Arthur, thus the King ordered him to return Excalibur to the Goddess of The lake. 
    Morgana who was trained by Merlin claimed the throne and became the Phantom Queen of Avalon and near to the end of her days she cursed her sword. 

  • event_note Changelog
    • Armor blackmarks were removed
    • The arms articulations were linked

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