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    It was during the triple alliance between Asgaard, The Olympus and Heliopolis, against the sumerian gods,
    that Hermes Trismegistos became the messenger of the Gods in the battlefield.
    When the war was ended,however, he born in a human body to serve Osiris reign; and during that age he was the god of the wisdom. Thoth.
    After the events related with Osiris... in the next generation, He became a mercenary, but the things were getting complicated, and Hermes was starting to get angry against Zeus.  His last task, wearing his Ibis Kalasiri, was to kill the Pegasus Seiya, but the Dragon Shiryu was guarding that place; meanwhile Seiya was cured from the Hades curse, by Shaina and he confronted Thoth.

    But since Hermes was against Zeus, and only following orders to keep the mistery, he helped Seiyaby offering his spear, in his battle vs Typhoeus Seth; ironically, Seth was the one who put an end to Zeus Kingdom forever. 

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