Hati Skadi by Draconis

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    It was written in the stars. Two young wolves destined to die in a deathly match to take down the sun and the moon.

    2020. 8 years has passed since the war between the phantom army of Hel against Asgard. Hela was forced to take care of the kids who lost their parents. However she adopted few of them, impressed with their hidden cosmos potential.  
    incluiding Skadi ,along Solvarg, her brother. Hela trained them during the next years , besides, they were educated to be against any form of war, even like they decided to help her to take revenge.  Meanwhile Hela was getting stronger each day now she is the master of the dark arts, partially recover her body from the curse, and she can now  raise her own army, not risking more lives of her people anymore. However falling into the abyss made her discover the truth about her father, Loki. 
    But now is too late. The Ragnarök was decided. It started many years ago with the very death of Loki. 

    The powerful cosmo The fimbulvtr, now the earth is under an eternal winter, the sun has been covered, not even Hela can prevent that, her destiny was decided...   

    But her brother had a strong sense of justice and he was the only one who can stop the end of the world.   He went to the Sanctuary asking for help to the Grand Pope Kiki. The wise Grand Master has revealed the fate of the stars to him, he was not alone in this task. 

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