The God Warriors from Hel

The Goddess of Death has returned along new brave warriors to conquer Asgard.
After the death of her master, The Black Wizard Valzar. Hela, was defeated by Lyfia the Avatar body of the God Odin, who with an injured eye spared her life, and only she knows why.  However Hela has  survived only to take revenge another day. 
Her Phantom army is gone, but she is capable of train new figthers who have the cosmos latent, inside their hearts, as well she may use the blacksmith knowledge to forge new God Robes for them. 
In her Kingdom of Hel, she has mastered the dark conjuration to raise the army of the Death and even to have some of the God warriors from the past to fight at her side.  

Long, long ago the Saintias academy was destroyed by Deathmask, the Gold Saint of Cancer. However not all the saintias perished that day a it was supposed to be, they were sended to protect Saori Kido, Athena. 
that miscalculation caused the Goddess of Discord to take a body …right after a conspiracy between the Sanctuary caused an internal rebellion the Grand Pope was trying to protect the world from the Gods.But his evil side returned to rule the world along Eris, his sister… 
Now in the present the Saintias have reached the Gold ranks , specially the one who was chosen by the former Cancer Gold Saint, and the heir of the will of the Gold Saint of Scorpio.