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Ibis God Thoth by Draconis

It was during the triple alliance between Asgaard, The Olympus and Heliopolis, against the sumerian gods, that Hermes Trismegistos became the messenger of the Gods in the battlefield. When the war was ended,however, he born in a human body to serve Osiris reign; and during that age he was the god of the wisdom. Thoth. […]

Cat Goddess Bastet by Draconis

(fanfic) Li Shou is the daugther of Ra, She was trained by him, her mother was a chinese pirate woman wishing to become te queen of pirates.   Unlike her sister that born in Colombia and  was rapted adopted by Isis to be raised in Egypt. She lived alone with her mother, navegating the seas, […]

Crocodrile God Sobek by Draconis

(fanfic) Sobek the God of the rivers. No one knows if him is the reincanation or the recipient.   He has an axe that can be used as a shield. Followed the will of Isis of erase the Olympus tiranny, he was confronted by the Fire God Haephestus, but later Sobek was defeated by Libra […]

Panther Goddess Sekhmet by Draconis

(Fanfic) Valeria is the daugther of of Ra himself, and she is the sister of Bastet. her name Sekhmet, means the powerful. She born as a human, in Colombia… Was found there; and was raised by Isis, years later; at first ,Sekhmet was sharing the Isis’  goal  of stop the Olympus from ruling the earth, […]

Jackal God Anubis by Draconis

(fanfic) Anubis real name is unknown. He has a sharp blade, also can collect dead bodies in sarcophagus. 

Hyperion God Ra by Draconis

The Titan of The Sun, an Egyptian God.

Falcon Goddess Horus (Isis) by Draconis

(fanfic) Was promised that her son was chosen to be the  forgotten savior of the world, but under a high price to pay … Many years before : One day with a caravan in the desert, the high priest of Ra found the mortal enemy of her god, and then she saw a prophecy. The […]

Typhoeus God Seth by Draconis

(fanfic) The son of Isis. He was the chosen one. He broke the seven seals to summon the beast (Tiamat) , the ultimate weapon of Gea, saving the world, but ending as a the villain of the history with many unnecesary deaths. Not even Gea figured out who summoned her, Seth was eliminated by Ikki […]

Isis The Representative of Ra by Draconis

Isis from The Saint Seiya fanfic ‘Rägnarok’ , which introduces some Egyptian Gods