The God Warriors from Hel

The Goddess of Death has returned along new brave warriors to conquer Asgard.
After the death of her master, The Black Wizard Valzar. Hela, was defeated by Lyfia the Avatar body of the God Odin, who with an injured eye spared her life, and only she knows why.  However Hela has  survived only to take revenge another day. 
Her Phantom army is gone, but she is capable of train new figthers who have the cosmos latent, inside their hearts, as well she may use the blacksmith knowledge to forge new God Robes for them. 
In her Kingdom of Hel, she has mastered the dark conjuration to raise the army of the Death and even to have some of the God warriors from the past to fight at her side.  

Long, long ago the Saintias academy was destroyed by Deathmask, the Gold Saint of Cancer. However not all the saintias perished that day a it was supposed to be, they were sended to protect Saori Kido, Athena. 
that miscalculation caused the Goddess of Discord to take a body …right after a conspiracy between the Sanctuary caused an internal rebellion the Grand Pope was trying to protect the world from the Gods.But his evil side returned to rule the world along Eris, his sister… 
Now in the present the Saintias have reached the Gold ranks , specially the one who was chosen by the former Cancer Gold Saint, and the heir of the will of the Gold Saint of Scorpio.

Insula Avalonia: Reign of Hel

The Goddess of Destiny,  Ker, has found the dauther of Loki; helping her to become  the Goddess of Death.
One kingdom has fallen another is rising. 

In the year 2012 Erika S. Kayley , an archeologist ,has been guided to a misterious Island, Avalon. Looking for a legendary sword. 

It all begun after finding a book, in the Aztec ruins that she was currently exploring  ; an ancient unexpected irish text related to the Arturian myth. The King, and her sister Morgana Pendragon; a sorcerer and the creator of the sword. The Phantom Queen of the island , after she dethroned and killed her brother. She was not other but the Celtic goddess Morrigan, according with the Irish explanation.   

It was in an island surrounded by a dense mist, located somewhere between The United Kingdom, Iceland and Asgard she departed with her friends but everything was getting bad…

After a long journey she, alone, managed to find the castle , then solve the seal puzzle but when handing the sword, her hand was like burned she ran away from the castle screaming painfully 

She was observed by a scary shadow that ended just laughing at her. 

She was supposed to be dead by the curse , yet her skin was still consumed slowly by the unknown force.

That shadow become her master since that day. Valzar, The Phantom Lord, a black wizard. However this magic power was the cosmos. 

As the sword didn’t kill Kayley instantly she was turned in a sort of Schrodinger cat, half of her body was affected by the sword malediction before she was able to burn her cosmos to neutralize the weak nuclear force damage. 

Now she is the new Queen of Avalon now called Hel , and she is the head of the Phantom knights. 

Decided to use her blade for judge the evil men. Edifying her throne from their radioactive bones. 

She is Hela, The Goddess of Death.
Art by:

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About my exclusive characters

Keep in mind that my exclusive designs are inspired in the mythology from everywhere but they also contain easter eggs and references from many series, books, movies, videogames …etc  that I like along Saint Seiya as well their complex lore.
Inspiration is the source of creativity.

1. For example Dionysus. He is the God of The wine  from the Olympus, but he is a second generation God(taking the place of Hestia)  which powers are inspired in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands.
In this particular case the armor of Dionysus combats along him and the wine is linked to his God of The Chaos role. Blood – Wine. Even like that is not a Vampire, however.

2. Aphrodite. Her real name is Freja. The Goddess of Love and war. Her armor has a dual axes and is a butterfly.  Manipulation is her power. A bit as the God of war one.
 There was a common enemy for Greeks, Egyptians and Nords. The Elder Gods (Sumerian Gods and Titans)
So they have formed the triple-alliance.  Olympus, Heliopolis and Asgard.   Aphrodite, daugther of Odin helped won this epic conflic and she has stayed at the Olympus since it.        
The Titans were sealed in the Tartarus, but their freedom came when Loki died; was meaning the upcoming Ragnarök.

3. Gaia, Tellus, Terra, Pacha mama, The Earth spirit … her armor Tiamat ( A supreme sumerian God) is a three in one, like a transformer. Each one of the armors has a complicated source each one has a divine weapon from three diffent Mythologies.

3.1  Ofion Rän Köulemanjarvi (Eurynome) wich weapon is Damocles
Rän (The Nord Goddess of The sea Underworld)
Koulemanjarvi ( A modified Finish last name linked to her name origin)
Ofion ( Ofion and Eurynome) A serpent that represent the Titan Oceanus and the Ouroboros.  
Damocles (The judgement blade) 

4. Kingu
Kingu was a really important God from Sumerian myths.  He wa killed, and by that, the life found a way.
Therefore Kingu was a monster, but  that man is wearing a representation. and this man im talking about was the legendary Gilgamesh.

5. Some Egyptian Gods from a forgotten constellation.

Another character with a Jojo’s reference, which sword is the main reason.

5.2 Typhoeus Damien Seth
Seth is the last name of Damien (inspired in Damien Thorn) He is the son of Isis and his Egyptian armor (obtained from The Titan Apohis)  is the Typhoeus; which is the Greek equivalent of Seth myth.  But he is not inherently evil.  In a apocaliptic chosen one history terms. 

5.3 Bastet Li Shou
She born in China and is the daugther of Ra and a chinese pirate. Her weapons are the iconic ones from mortal Kombat. The hook blades of Kabal. 
Her armor is the God of the cats and is winged.   

5.4 Sehkmet Valeria Sayed
She born in Colombia and is the daugther of Ra , besides she was adopted by Isis and taken by her to Egypt
So that makes Valeria a Colombo-Egypt and step-sis of Li Shou.  Her armor is a panther.

Quetzalcoatl Calvera and Eikþyrnir Surt

Dear Saint Seiya fans. Im happy to announce the upcoming release of my two new creations, whose are Quetzalcoatl Calvera from the LC Kardia’s gaiden, and Surt from Soul of Gold.
Those two characters will be avaliable to join this mods multiverse during the next month.

Tiger Okko …

… and probably more characters inspired in the Platinum Saints of the Chinese Zodiac.


Orion Rigel

This Saintia Sho character may get ready in the next days.
In this case Edu’s did all that part of the work, I must do the rest.