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    Diosa Pantera Sekhmet (skins extra) | Draconis on Patreon

    Valeria Zayed, La encarnación de la diosa Sekhmet. Su nombre significa ' La poderosa'
    Nació en Colombia; Isis la adoptó, y la llevó a Egipto.

    Sekhmet compartía el ideal de poner fin a la tiranía de los Dioses Olímpicos, siguiendo la profecía señalada por el omnipresente ojo de Horus.
    Bastet la hizo abandonar las ambiciones de Isis, revelandole la verdad sobre el destino de su padre; ambas enfrentaron a Seth, lamentáblemente su hermana  Bastet, murió.

    (Fanfic) Valeria is the daugther of of Ra himself, and she is the sister of Bastet. her name Sekhmet, means the powerful.
    She born as a human, in Colombia...
    Was found there; and was raised by Isis, years later; at first ,Sekhmet was sharing the Isis'  goal  of stop the Olympus from ruling the earth, all according to the prophecy watched from the omnipresent eye of Horus. 

     Bastet, persuaded her from abandon Isis ambitions, revealing her the truth about the fate of their father; then both faced Seth, unfortunatly her sister died.   

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