Erika S. Kayley (Hela)

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    Erika S. Kayley one  day found the cursed sword of Avalon; turning her into Hela,The Goddess of Death.

    She discovered the aparently location of a valuable treasure from an unexpected ancient celtic book during an archaeological exploration.
    The weapon was in the middle of a magic circle filled by the power of the Phantom Queen. But at this point, Erika was sure about the meaning of the spell. 
    Once obtained the weapon she was trained by the Black Wizard, Valzar. A Phantom Lord.  To survive to the Deathspell curse and claim the fallen kingdom of Camelot for her. Her throne was raised under the caves.
    As the Queen of new realm of Hel she decided to avenge her father, The God of Evi,Loki. 

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