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    (fanfic) Li Shou is the daugther of Ra, She was trained by him, her mother was a chinese pirate woman wishing to become te queen of pirates.   Unlike her sister that born in Colombia and  was rapted adopted by Isis to be raised in Egypt.
    She lived alone with her mother, navegating the seas, till her mom died, Li had 16 years old. 

    At her 22 year old, she was rapted by Anubis, who told her the Isis treason.
    Cancer Deathmask went to the Underworld to rescue Persephone, he had a battle against Anubis,  winning, then rescuing both.  
    The problem was that the Underworld was the only place that the Eye of Horus was unable to reach, so Anubis was protecting her from Isis. 

    (Hyoga heard the completly reason from Anubis, and then he received his sword to avenge her)

    Li was killed by Seth, when protecting her step sister from him.   
    Andromeda Shun used her hookswords to confront that god.

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