Aphrodite The Goddess of Love

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    Freija, The beauty  Goddess of War and love. know later as  Aphrodite. 

    The daugther of Caelus (Uranus) which in northern values, is tecnically Odin.  It makes her a powerful figther, she has a dual axe weapon, her Kamui, like the rest of those, was made by Haephestus.

    She was promised to Haephestus, to prevent a war between the gods, but she prefered stay along with Ares... 

    Ally of the Olympus during the conflict with the titans. A sort of triple Alliance between the Olympus, Heliopolis and Asgaard to rid of the menace of the Sumerian gods and their mythos monstruosities that were ruling the world. 
    She and Odin erased the giants of Ice, but The Titan Surtur and some other elemental were sealed in the Tartaros, incluiding Oceanus, Apophis...
    Except the Titan Kingu, who was killed.
    Later every culture had a history about the return of everyone of those imprisoned Titans; probably meaning the end of everything.

    When the war was over their kingdoms designated a representative to keep the alliance, but it failed long time later as Hilda was controlled by Poseidon, and Isis betrayed Ra.

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