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Log in to download the mods, please

After some failed attempts at fixing the downloads, it has been tested that registered users may not find that problem. Luego de varias pruebas, se concluyó que los usuarios que estén registrados no tendrán problemas descargando mods. Após vários testes, concluiu-se que os usuários registrados não terão problemas para baixar mods. Après plusieurs tests, il […]

Insula Avalonia: Reign of Hel

The Goddess of Destiny,  Ker, has found the dauther of Loki; helping her to become  the Goddess of Death. One kingdom has fallen another is rising.

About The Extra Costumes

Certain mods have many costumes variations, keep in  mind that you can select each one from the download button. Those usually are replacing the same character.

About my exclusive characters

Keep in mind that my exclusive designs are inspired in the mythology from everywhere but they also contain easter eggs and references from many series, books, movies, videogames …etc  that I like along Saint Seiya as well their complex lore. Inspiration is the source of creativity. 1. For example Dionysus. He is the God of […]

Quetzalcoatl Calvera and Eikþyrnir Surt

Dear Saint Seiya fans. Im happy to announce the upcoming release of my two new creations, whose are Quetzalcoatl Calvera from the LC Kardia’s gaiden, and Surt from Soul of Gold. Those two characters will be avaliable to join this mods multiverse during the next month.

Tiger Okko …

… and probably more characters inspired in the Platinum Saints of the Chinese Zodiac. Soon.

Orion Rigel

This Saintia Sho character may get ready in the next days. In this case Edu’s did all that part of the work, I must do the rest.